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Case ADE: Local and ecological 3D rendering

ADE is a top expert in virtual training and 3D animation in Southwest Finland. ADE's expertise is based on 20 years of experience in the field of graphics and software development. With the development of VR (Virtual Reality) technology and the combination of expertise with animation expertise, ADE has become a pioneer in educational solutions implemented with virtual technology.

A trusted partner to solve rendering challenges

In the production of virtual training and animations, the rendering or visualization of 3D animations is commonplace. At ADE their own servers run larger or smaller calculations day and night. However, when implementing several customer projects simultaneously, they sometimes encountered their own limited capacity. Although ADE increased its own computing capacity over the years, the peak loads for computing were significant when projects fall at the same time. In these kinds of cases, there is no time for testing, but a reliable partner must be chosen.

As the schedules are tight, there is no room for error and the work must be done with same quality. After getting to know Kuulea, a domestic rendering service provider, ADE decided to upgrade its existing infrastructure in a green and carbon neutral manner.

ADE uses a few 3D software, such as Blender and 3DSMax, for rendering 3D animations. Kuulea’s platform support the most well-known software. Their technical support team is also familiar with the topic, which ensures that you stay up to date on the latest trends. “It was interesting to talk to the Kuulea’s team and hear new winds in the field of rendering,” says Markus Jokela, ADE’s Director of VR Production.

A local partner brings reliability

Cooperation with Kuulea was inspired by recommendations. Kuulea provides its rendering services in a distributed and fault-tolerant manner in ordinary real estate. With this innovation, the waste heat generated by the servers as a by-product of rendering, is directed directly to the heating system of the properties. This means that large and old-fashioned data centers are not needed because the servers are distributed in connection with the heated properties.

“We were fascinated by Kuulea’s innovation, which allows the waste heat generated from rendering to be utilized for heating properties,” says Markus Jokela, ‘There are very important values behind this’. The amount of energy generated from rendering is large, and it is also important for ADE to implement services as ecologically as possible.

The implementation of the service went smoothly and uncomplicated. ‘Everything worked just fine. The instructions were easy and quick from Kuulea’s team.” says Markus.

When outsourcing rendering services earlier, also ADE encountered the challenges posed by foreign cloud services from time to time. Textures did not always fit as rendered, there were differences in tone, gamma values could vary, or half of the images might be different than others. There have been no such problems with Kuulea. “It is great that support can be given by people you know and in your own language.” Markus Jokela continues.

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