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How does the HEATING service work?

In the Kuulea HEATING service, specially manufactured servers that also serve as heaters are installed in the client’s property. Servers, whose capacity is sold to Kuulea COMPUTING clients, constitute the core of the heaters. The waste heat produced as a by-product of data processing is transferred directly into the water-circulating heating network of the property. The heat is carbon neutral, because it is generated as a by-product of energy that has already been used once. No heat losses are caused by the transfer of locally produced heat into the heating system directly from the heater.

Ecological and economic heating solution

In Kuulea’s ecological model, heat is generated as a by-product of data processing. Because the heat is produced from electrical energy, which has already been used once, our solution is classified as a carbon neutral form of heating. In addition, we compensate for the carbon dioxide emissions caused by the manufacture and transport of the heaters through the certified Gold Standard Climate+ Portfolio. The carbon footprint of the heating solution is zero and, subsequently, the properties where it is used can be granted a lower E figure.

Whom is Kuulea HEATING service suitable to?

Kuulea offers individual companies and housing companies a greener means to produce heat. Our unique solution enables us to produce and transfer heat locally directly from the heater into the client’s heating network. This way, no energy is wasted, and no extra losses or expenses will be caused through the transfer of the heat. Our heater innovation can be used to supplement almost any current form of heating.


We will always design the heating as an overall solution. Our service can be implemented as a hybrid heating solution and integrated as part of the water-circulating heating system. Our smart solution can control several heat sources and produce heat in a manner that is the most sensible from the client’s point of view.


Heat produced by means of the Kuulea HEATING system is at its best in places where heat is needed evenly throughout the year. Perfect locations include, for example, hotels, spas, shopping centres, swimming pools, industrial properties, and large housing companies.

Technical features

Kuulea HEATING can be connected to nearly any water-circulating heating system, when the required temperature of the circulating water remains below 65 degrees centigrade. The excellence of our heating solution is based in scalability, as the range is from 16 kilowatts to several hundreds of kilowatts.


We use the technology of our partner Qarnot Computing in our services. The servers that also serve as heaters can be located in normal properties, as no heavy security or robust fire extinguishing systems are needed. No information is stored on the servers, but the data is distributed on various servers.


The use of our service requires a fibre optic connection to the property, twisted pair cabling to the heat distribution room, and a power feed that corresponds to the heating needs.

Pricing of the service

The cost structure of our Kuulea HEATING service is straightforward. The client only invests in the heating equipment. In accordance with our service model, we compensate for the electricity that is related to their use. Nothing is charged for the heat produced by the heating equipment.


We will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the equipment and for heat production throughout the contract period.  Our innovative and competitive concept enables the client to remain unaffected by any fluctuations in energy prices throughout the entire contract period.


In addition to heating their own property, Kuulea HEATING clients can choose to utilise the heat in other ways. For example, they can sell it into the local district heat network or store it in the boreholes of a geothermal heat pump system for the next heating season. 

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