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for high-performance computing

How does the Kuulea COMPUTING service work?

The Kuulea COMPUTING service is the greenest and most cost-efficient partner for high performance computing (HPC). Our concept to produce ecological cloud services is based on circular economy; our unique innovation efficiently utilises the waste heat that is generated as a by-product of data processing. By using the existing building stock, our solution significantly reduces the carbon footprint of the service when compared to traditional data centre services.


The data centres of the Kuulea COMPUTING service have been distributed in the properties of Kuulea HEATING clients throughout Finland. The decentralised system secures the operation of the service in possible disturbance situations. Our background system can automatically transfer computing tasks between properties (data centres).

Customer groups

Animation studios and VFX

Ecological and cost-efficient

3d rendering

Kuulea_kuvituskuva_Pankit ja vakuutusyhtiöt_rev.png

Banking and Insurance

Local and safe platform for banking and insurance simulations

Kuulea_kuvituskuva_Insinööri- ja arkkitehtitoimistot.png

Engineering and design studios

Simulations, modeling and other technical calculation tasks requiring a high level of calculation ability

A safe and efficient partner

Data located on our ISO 27001 -certified cloud service platform is encrypted by using end-to-end encryption and is not stored permanently on the platform. This enables the use of our service also in sectors in which information security is critical, e.g., by companies in the financial and insurance sectors. Our service meets the information security criteria of the European Central Bank and is being audited regularly.


Our clients always have access to up-to-date and efficient CPU and GPU calculation resources. Our decentralised system enables the completion of calculation tasks in thousands of cores simultaneously, where required, so that the end result can be optimised based on the schedule required by the client.  

Cost effective pricing

The competitive price of the Kuulea COMPUTING service is based on the utilisation of circular economy. Because our data centres are located in the properties of the Kuulea HEATING clients and waste heat is utilised locally, no expenses will be caused to us by the construction, maintenance, operating and cooling of the data centre, or by the transfer of the heat. The new kind of cost and income distribution thinking enables the very competitive pricing of the Kuulea COMPUTING service.


Our service is charged based on the demand by using hourly rates, but we also offer fixed prices for individual projects and more longer-term needs.

The greenest cloud service available

Our ecological innovation utilises circular economy and makes the high-performance computing service that we offer carbon neutral. This enables us to help our clients reach their climate goals.


The ERE figure, which describes the energy reuse effectiveness of data centres, of Kuulea’s service is 0.05, which is among the best on the market. In other words, we are able to transform nearly all of the energy that is fed into the data centre into heat and to utilise it in the property of a Kuulea HEATING client without transfer losses. The emissions generated during the manufacture and transportation of the specially manufactured servers are compensated for through the Gold Standard Climate+ Portfolio.

Technical capacities

Our cloud service platform has extensive support for various computing software. We are part of a larger business community, which enables us to support and, where required, also implement more complex computing applications and transfers of calculation work tasks from one platform to another.


Support material related to the commencement of the service can be found on a separate support website, which includes instructions for linking the most commonly used software with the calculation resources.

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