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Local and secure computing platform for banking and insurance simulations

Our ecologic cloud computing is excellent for

  • Risk compute (Monte Carlo simulations)

  • Actuarial compute

  • Investment optimization

  • Fraud detection

  • Regulatory oblications (especially related to FRTB)

  • AI / ML (customer knowledge, sales, support)

75% less carbon footprint on average

Reducing the carbon footprint is a major challenge for large banks


Entrusting your heavy computing tasks to us;

  • You get access to a low-emission infrastructure with tens of thousands of cores, where IT's waste heat is used to heat buildings

  • You can significantly reduce the environmental impact of your operations

  • You get to take advantage of our detailed emissions report generated from each calculation

  • You will find out the percentage savings compared to traditional infrastructure

The service powered by Qarnot Computing is recommended by



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An easy-to-use and customizable tool for different needs

  • Easy integration with the SDK into the existing architecture

  • An intuitive API that allows computing tasks to be started with a few lines of code, or with just a few clicks

  • Real-time monitoring through the user interface dashboard

Safe and secure

Service in line with sector's requirements

  • ISO27001 certification

  • Annual safety audit carried out by an external organization and by customers

  • Our platform is designed with banks' security needs in mind

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