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Meet Kuulea Team - learning new things fascinates both at work and in free time

Who are you?

I'm Risto Pussinen and I work as a sales manager at Kuulea. I am originally from Joensuu, Finland. Nowadays, we live in Lahti with my fiancé, where we moved after our studies six years ago.

My duties at Kuulea include selling both the High Performance Computing cloud service and the heating service, i.e. the company's entire product palette.

What’s your background?

My work background is mainly from various tasks in the ICT industry. Most of the experience is from sales and customer service for almost 8 years.

I initially studied Economics at the University of Joensuu, but I ended up changing business studies to engineering studies, specializing in energy and environmental technology.

Why working at Kuulea?

I have always been interested in all new technologies, and in the final stages of studies I focused on studying corporate responsibility. My own interests (energy efficiency, circular economy, high performance computing and corporate responsibility) got combined in Kuulea in an interesting way. It was highly interesting to jump into a startup in greentech industry, and it has been instructive to work in a growth company right from the beginning.

Where are you at your best?

I want to help customers to find a solution to their problems, so I could say, I’m at my best in solution sales. Learning new things quickly and managing entities helps here.

What is the best part of your job?

Sales work is nice because I get to participate in many different projects. This suits me well because I usually get bored with monotonous work tasks. The best thing is when I get to learn new things from experts of their field and together find new innovative solutions to customers' problems. For example, as a big consumer of movies and series, it has been cool to watch and learn the process of how Kuulea's cloud service is used to create special effects for movies.

What do you do in your spare time?

I enjoy playing a variety of sports and have, for example, just started playing golf. This summer goes by in the golf course, and sometimes going to the gym or the tennis court.

I have also been actively following football for about fifteen years. I’m a huge fan of the Chelsea football team, which plays in the English Premier League.

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