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Easy to set up
- Only 3 steps

  1. Account Management

  2. Doing the first job

  3. Monitoring and control


Account management_1.PNG

To access the platform and free credits, you need to create an account and activate it by provided link.

You will then have a personal view where you can do and view your work from the console.

When you connect to the platform for the first time, press the Account button to retrieve a personal token that will allow you to connect to the API (essential when running tasks through the SDK).

You can also manage your billing and passwords in this section.

Account management_2.PNG


2.1 Rendering


Press "Go to render" to start working on the platform.

Next, create a new S3 bucket to upload the files used in your work.


You can move files or folders by 'dragging' them directly to your desktop, or alternatively, click and specify the software path to the downloads.


Once the files have downloaded, you can start rendering by pressing "New renderer" and specifying the settings required for the job.

Note that when saving rendering jobs, the file paths must be relative, not absolute. The job can try to be saved to an absolute location, such as your own terminal ("C: // Project / Banana / ...") or a cloud drive ("F: // Project / Banana ..."). Therefore, you should check that the job is saved as “/ job \ project \”.  


You should also make sure that your work is saved in a version of the rendering software that is supported on the Kuulea platform.


If you want to use third-party plug-ins for your rendering, check / ask for support that plug-in.

2.2 Computing

Download and install the Python SDK ( enclosed a detailed documentation for each step ).

Start the distributed "Hello world" script and replace xxxxmytokenxxx with your own API ID that you received from the previous step.

Run your 1st task_1.PNG

After the connection is opened with your API key, the script launches 4 Ubuntu docker containers in different instances. A greeting and ID number are printed for the user from these instances.

Run your 1st task_2.PNG

More detailed Python SDK instructions can be found here .


At each stage you can:

  • Receive messages about the progress of your work

  • See a list of new print files that can be downloaded

Monitor your work_1.PNG
Monitor your work_2.PNG


'Cost Management' to control your budget

Useful tip_cost management.PNG

In the Account> Cost Management section, you can set a budget for a day, week, or month. You will be reminded before you reach the limit.

You can find your activity history in the Account section:

  • Billing

  • Tasks

  • Pools

Your history_1.PNG


  • Contractual invoicing
  • Prepaid balance


If you want to streamline your work, you can pre-load the balance on the platform. You can do this via the Recharge link and choose the right amount for you. After that, all you have to do is enter the payment information on the platform.

Prepaid 1.png
Prepaid 2.1.png

So easy it was!

Here you can find more detailed instructions for using our service.

However, if any issues remain to be considered, please contact our customer service.

p. +358 291 702 090

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